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Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Wash a Down Pillow Naturally

OK, so I'm not reinventing the wheel or telling you anything new. But, I washed my down pillows. Yep, big deal? Did you know you can wash down pillows? I did...but, I was just too chicken!

Down pillow before::

So, here is what the pillows look like BEFORE.

Down pillow after::

And here is the AFTER - I know! Unbelievable!! AND, I used NO bleach {I don't even own bleach}. Here's how I did it:

That's it! Look at the difference!

How to wash a down pillow naturally ::
Are you ready to try yours out? I'm no longer chicken and ready to tackle down comforters next!!

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  1. The one time I washed a down pillow the cover tore in the washer. Feather's everywhere. I've been afraid to try again. Did you do anything to protect the cover or was my problem a rare one?

  2. I've never had a cover tear before. Maybe check seams if it's an older pillow?

  3. I was also a chicken until july this year, I've tried washing up some old pillows and they were good as new. Since that I took all my other pillows and washed them as well. In the end I felt ridiculous for not having tried it before.:) Better late than never.:)
    Best wishes

  4. I didn't know you could wash pillows... I have a down pillow I got from my Dad...maybe 10 years ago...eek! I guess I should try to wash it:)

  5. We all have natural oils that make marks.... pillows are a case in point. I always put two covers on my pillows, one plain cotton, and then the one that matches the bedding (or just another plain cotton if you don't match sets). Feather pillows are easier than made made fibres to wash...... those seem to ball up and are useless. Good for you for finding you could do it!

  6. Wow this is good to know thanks!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away