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Thursday, December 11, 2014

FIVE Ways to Feel Good about Clean this Christmas

Every year I spend the week after Thanksgiving scrambling to get all our Christmas decorations up before we have all our company over the next weekend - since we are gone the whole Thanksgiving weekend. We frequently have people over, but Christmas time we have even more over than usual. So, I've come up with five #CleanFeelsGood moments that I've used to stay on top of having my house clean and organized when all that company shows up.

I like to create a home that is warm and inviting, the moment you walk up to the front of our home. This year we added some pretty, snowflake balls to our tree outside along with our pretty lights on the house. 

And, our yellow front door is adorned with appropriately cheery wreath, too! With a door this color, it's hard not to look cheerful! So, here are my five ways I feel good about clean each and every Christmas!

1. Clean as you go.  

As I put up decorations, we clean as we go - because "clean feels good" even when putting up decor. As we put the village out on the mantel, we put all the protective foam back in after each one and it makes the job of cleaning up much easier for all the tree decorations, too. 

2. Re-use to store.

When putting up the Christmas decor, there isn't enough room for it unless I take down some of my existing decor. I simply re-use the Christmas boxes that were storing the Christmas decor to put our other decor for the month and then put it back up in the attic for the month of December.

3. Prepping for the Party.

It's no secret that with our large, Southern California deck we have lots of parties. 

When we have our Christmas parties, I simply take some of the Christmas decorations out to our outdoor patio - yes, we party on the patio in December. I have a small stash of extras I use for the parties, too. But, keeping it simple and making things glimmer and shine are keys to making our parties prettier!

4.  Clean the bathroom

When company comes, the kids move out of their bathroom {for the most part} and we get it looking spic and span for the guests to use - Scotch-Brite cleaning cloths and scrubbers put to good use. I set out "extras" for the overnight guests to have on hand, too. I quickly wipe down counters and showers and declutter anything that needs it in there. 

5.  Bedrooms ready

One of the ways I keep the house looking so clean is by keeping the clutter picked up. The kids are older now, but I spend very little time cleaning the house - just 15-20 minutes a day is all it takes. The kids have to put things away as soon as they're done with them and put them back where they belong. So, getting their rooms ready for overnight guests to use should go quickly. We move a few things around and set up a luggage rack and extra cozy things for the guests, which are usually grandparents around Christmas.

It feels good to have things cleaned up and clutter free so that when company DOES come, you're not running around like a crazy person trying to figure out where to put all that clutter. While we had all of our company coming this past weekend, I looked around and had that moment of realizing how all the prep and getting the cleaning done early and had my #CleanFeelsGood Moment! Everything looked great, but I wasn't stressed out about it! 

I’ve teamed up with these other bloggers and we’re sharing our cleaning tips for the Holidays and our #CleanFeelsGood moments. Visit their blogs to see read their tips too!

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I have been compensated by Scotch-Brite to talk about 
how Clean Feels Good, but all opinions are my own.

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