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Monday, June 16, 2014

Have a Day at the Spa!

Are you interested in going and having a spa day? Maybe alone or with a girlfriend? Have you ever done one before? Maybe just a short visit - a massage or pedicure?

10 Ways to Prepare for a Day at the Spa :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Well, my husband has been gracious enough to encourage me to spend a day at the spa on occasion. I don't go all the time, but probably twice a year when I tag along on his business trips. It's refreshing and I enjoy just doing nothing and relaxing. If you've never anything like this before and really want to, suggest a group gift from family for birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or anniversary! It's a nice way to give a gift without clutter, too!!  And I'm all about that - a gift of experience is sometimes way better than giving a gift that just collects dust! So, I've come up with ten ways to make your day at the spa the best it can be:

Use Yelp to help you navigate new cities or your own for list of great spas :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

1. Use YELP to help you find places. I use Yelp constantly - it's a great app/website especially if I'm traveling and know nothing about the area we are visiting. You'll find out which spas are best priced, most clean, and nicest in the area. Plus, sometimes, if you "check in" using Yelp you'll get an additional discount {I did with my last spa visit}.

Use Groupon to find great deals on spas :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

2. Go on Groupon to find discounts for spas in your area so you can get a better deal. 

3. Go Monday through Thursday. If you go on the weekend, you're going to be disappointed, no matter where you go because it's so busy. When you go the other days of the week, it generally quieter and you have more of the place to yourself.

4. Bring a snack. If you plan to be there most of the day, bring a healthy snack with you. Yes, many spas provide water and small snacks, but not all of them. And you aren't really sure what snack will be offered.  Some spas offer a lunch selection if you are there all day, but not all of them do. It saves money, as well, and if you have a 30-45 minute break between appointments you'll have time to snack on something.

Pack a bag full of toiletries, change of clothes, swimwear, and snacks :: OrganizingMade Fun.com

5. Bring a bag with toiletries and a change of clothes. When traveling out of town, be sure to pack a bag that you can take with you. I usually pack my personal items and toiletries. The spas usually have AWESOME showers {I seriously could be in there for half an hour or more} so if you want to use your own stuff bring it. They usually provide their own, too, if you forget. 

6.  Remember, this is a clutterless gift. Ask for this from family as an alternative to stuff that will just collect dust.

7.  Bring your hubby! Many spas now have couple's massages. You can take your hubby and enjoy a massage alongside your sweetie! What a fun way to celebrate an anniversary!

8.  Most spas offer more than just a massage. Many offer great pedicures, facials, manicures, and more. I recently tried a scalp massage - oh my goodness, that was amazing! An hour of that was so relaxing and it felt like it was five minutes! 

9.  When you go to a full service spa, you have the full facility to use all day. Even if you go in for just one service, you can use their other facilities all day - hot tub, steam room, showers, and relaxation rooms. So, you can do one service and still be there most of the day relaxing and unplugging.

10.  Pack a swimsuit if you want a dip in the hot tub, should they have one. You don't "have" to wear a swimsuit in the women's hot tub, but most of us do. 

So, tell me, have you ever had a day at the spa? Or have you dreamed of such a thing? Or are you the type that hate the idea of doing that? Do tell!

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