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Thursday, May 1, 2014

How to Make a Lighted Marquee

So, I go on Pinterest and see these amazing large letters with big, bright lights in them. I don't know why, but I have been totally drawn to them. They look fun and I LOVE personalized stuff - like initials and such. I have them all over my house - just ask my friends! I found that there were a few tutorials on how to make them and I told my husband that I was SURE this would be seriously easy by doing a little of this and a little of that and we'd have this thing done! He actually liked my idea of the marquee, which usually takes me some convincing whenever we have a project that I dream up. Well, last week...

Making a Marquee ::

...I shared our command center and how well it's working for our family! Today I want to show you how we made the lighted marquee "B" that we use to light up that corner of the command center.

Tracing a letter to make a marquee ::

I wanted this to be inexpensive. Did you know that these marquee letters cost about $150-250 on Etsy and other online websites? I printed off a letter "B" using PicMonkey. But, I could only get half the letter for that large of a size on a piece of paper. So, I just flipped it upside down for the bottom half of it and traced it. {Sometimes I'm smart, but not always}.

Cutting out marquee ::

We took a piece of 8 x 2 board to use for the marquee that we had in our garage. My hubby, after I traced the letter, used the jigsaw and cut it out. I could certainly have done that myself, but I'll be honest and say he's MUCH better at it than I am. 

Getting the holes lines up for the marquee ::

We measured, very carefully, for the lights to fit through the board. We used tea lights that I had here, and set them on there to kind of get a good idea how it would look and exactly the best placement - I'm more of an eye-baller, and my hubby is the measuring man, so this worked great to get it right.

Marquee primed and ready for spray paint ::

After that, we drilled all the holes. Then, came the hard part. This is where I didn't take so many pictures as it took a bit more work. We took metal flashing - from Home Depot - and put it all around the sides so that the sign stood out - about half way. We used an electric staple gun and stapled it to the board. After we did that I spray painted with primer. 

How to make a marquee - step by step ::

You can see, from this collage above, the step by steps. We used a simple strand of Christmas lights and used round bulbs instead of the regular shaped ones. We also took off all the extra lights - you can do that without any problem. I stapled the strands {as neatly as possible} to the back of the wood and then bought a hanging kit on the back to hang from a couple of command hooks on the wall. It looks great and it's a lot of fun. My hubby installed a small switch on to the cord so we can switch it off and on easily. 

Here's the list of supplies we used:

  • 8 x 2 piece of scrap wood
  • Paper with letter B to trace
  • Jigsaw for cutting letter out
  • Drill and forstner bit {to make large holes}
  • Strand of old Christmas light with round bulbs
  • Flashing
  • Staples and staple gun
  • Spray primer and paint
  • Switch to turn off and on

And that's it! Have you ever had a project that seemed easy but was actually a bit harder than expected? Well, this project took the two of us several hours...yes! But, it was fun to do it with my hubby, for the most part! 

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