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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Pantry Organized and All Prettied Up! {Part 1}

I would say that I am in my pantry a dozen times each day or more. It's one of my favorite things about my home. I don't have a fancy or elaborate kitchen, but this pantry was a big reason that I am fine with that. So, I wanted to change my pantry from drab to fab! The best part is that I did it without any drop of paint!

Here is the pantry right now! Isn't it beautiful? I have to admit that it took me weeks of working on it, little by little, to have it looking this nice! I posted progress every once in awhile on Instagram to keep my followers there up to date...

Today I'm going to show you how it looks now. Next week, I'll go into more detail and share all the ways I used things inside to help keep it more organized. 

I used wallpaper as the beautiful patterned background but I didn't paste it in. I used double sided tape behind it so that I can change it out someday, should I be tired of this pattern in there. I used plain, white adhesive paper on the shelves. I did that instead of painting because I knew if I painted, I'd have to leave stuff out of the pantry for days until it dried and cured. I didn't want to deal with that or the smell, so this worked best and was cheaper and easier!

I love having my food items inside clear jars and containers. It actually saves room and helps to see how much of the food item is left when they are in clear containers. It saves space by not having a big, boxy item on the shelf. It also looks really nice, too!

I bought clear glass bottle with stoppers to hold all my vinegars and liquid cooking ingredients. They fit perfectly in there and the stoppers keep them super fresh!

Above, you can see how I organize my baking ingredients on a tray, so that I just have to pull it out when I'm baking and then bring it to the counter. It's much easier than grabbing them individually and trying to taking them out that way.

And then I spruced up my back of the door organizer by spray painting pieces of cardboard I cut up from boxes. I sprayed them white, as the wires tend to allow for things to slip through. This is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up the shelves that I've had for years.

I also clipped these cute cardboard chalkboard labels to the side of the organizer. I love using the back of the door for organizing things, don't you? So, what do you think? Next week I'll share more details and why I did things the way I did! How's your pantry looking?

See part 2 HERE to see more before pictures and details.

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