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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Organizing: Heading to the amusement park

Summer time organizing means keeping yourself and family organized while having fun and enjoying the time together!

Today I'm talking about heading to the amusement park! So many of us head to the amusement parks in the summer to have a day full of fun with the kids {I just did yesterday, if you follow me on Instagram}. But, if you aren't organized, it could make or break your day! 

I asked my Facebook readers a couple of weeks ago for what things were essential to take with them on a day at the amusement park. Here is a list of what they recommend {not in any specific order}:

1. Sunscreen
2. Water
3. Nuts, granola, bananas {quality snacks} - protein bars
4. Hats
5. Closed-toe shoes {comfortable, that you can walk around in all day} - swim shoes may be a great option
6. Change of clothes/swimwear {if there are water rides}
7. Sunglasses
8. Hand Sanitizer
9. Baby Wipes
10. Allergy medication/first aid kit
11. Camera
12. Lip balm
13. Comfortable back pack to keep it all in.

I love all these ideas above. I would definitely consider taking most of those with me. But, I also have a few more of my own favorites which include:

1. An extra phone charger similar to {affiliate link} THIS.
2. Towels, rolled to fit easily in backpack. To use to dry off from water rides, sit on the ground to watch parade/save seats, or cover to keep warm when waiting.
3. Season pass/ticket holder to hang around your neck so you  don't have to dig for it each use.
4. Sunglass case for sunglasses {since you'll like to take them off and on a bunch} 
5. My wallet.
6. Oh, and COMFORTABLE shoes and clothing!

Great tips and ideas from my FB readers:

1. Wear swimming shoes/clothes that air dry quickly - no denim - to prevent chafing and blisters.
2. Bring baggies for electronics.
3. Wear a fanny pack to keep money and phone on you all the time.
4. Keeping a cooler of food and drinks in your car.
5. {At Disneyland} They'll refill  your coffee all day so you can take a baggie to keep your cup clean.
6. Make ice bottles - fill half way with water and freeze overnight on a slant, then add more water in the morning before you leave for the amusement park. 
7. Long infinity scarf to play "dress-up" in line and also use as a light blanket for sleeping children in the stroller, or to sit on to wait for parade.

Did we cover it all? Aren't these some great tips? When is the last time you went to an amusement park? What did you forget that you regretted not bringing with you?

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