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Friday, November 16, 2012

More projects around my house: Flooring and reglazing

Being a work at home mom {WAHM} I walk passed things in my home 100 times a day {or so it seems like it}. I begin noticing things when I'm looking at them...the floors are coming up. Not too hard to notice when I trip over them!

I'm just a girl who enjoys a little change here and there in the house. But, then there are also things that NEED to be done. 

Take for instance, our kitchen floor. It's in bad shape -- BAD. We moved in six years ago and there was a WHITE linoleum floor {probably from the 70s, when the kitchen was re-done} and required that I wax it with THREE coats of wax weekly to keep it clean. Ummm, nope! That just didn't work for me. So, I found some "dirt colored" vinyl flooring squares and we put those down instead.

Well, they were a temporary fix. And now, they are a big problem. They are buckling, splitting apart, and just plain BAD. So, we are hoping to get that resolved in the next couple of weeks -- right in the midst of the holidays! We seem to do this every year. I have been saving my pennies and I'm super excited to get the floors done, finally! 

Here are the three choices I chose from for the kitchen floors. I chose linoleum for several reasons that I'll explain another time. I knew right away which choice I would go with as soon as I laid them on the floor! Can you guess which one I'm choosing?

The kitchen floors are probably just slightly better than the carpet in our music room {aka, the awkward room}. It's just plain nasty. It's indoor/outdoor carpet that has nothing but the old linoleum floor underneath it. So the dirt goes nowhere...and it's nasty. It's very hard to see it, but the carpet is this pukey green color. 

I have done my best to hide it with a lovely outdoor rug. Most people don't notice how bad the floors are in this room, thankfully. But, where the dog sits {he's not allowed in the kitchen and must sit at his "spot"}, there is a nice sized brown patch of dirt. It doesn't clean well. The plan here is to put in the same engineered flooring as our family room, which is right through the other doorway in this room. 

And you know how one project snowballs into another...well, since we're getting new floors in the kitchen and kids' bathroom, the kids' bathroom tub needs reglazing and I don't want to do it after having new, that's going to get done - along with the tile surrounding the tub--it's peach and rose colored tile now. It will all be pretty and clean and white and I've now got myself another big project.

And, since we're doing the surrounding tiles in the shower area, I'm going to have them also reglaze the sink and tile countertop, as well----meaning I have to paint the cupboard and walls when that is done, too! See snowball? But, let me tell you that reglazing is WAY WAY cheaper than ripping it out and starting over -- and, I really like the character of the tile and counter area. In fact, my neighbor is redoing a bathroom and probably spending about 20 times what this costs. So, it's a great inexpensive fix to ugly counters and I can't wait to see it and show you how it looks after! 

So, cluttered, messy days are ahead! I'm not excited about that, but I always know that the end result is beautiful. One of the parts I'm most excited about? Organizing all the stuff getting moved around! Do you have any home projects you are working on or about to?

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