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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Utility Closet and a GIVEAWAY!!

I have a utility closet that is fairly organized. But, like everything around here, it needed some tweaking. I had an opportunity to tweak when Space Savers sent me this FANTASTIC garage organizer. AND, they want to give one of these away to one of my fabulous readers!!

Isn't it great? Let me show you my utility closet and how I used this garage organizer to help make it MORE organized!

First, I don't have a coat closet in this house but I suspect that this may have been that at one point or another. I don't know...but it's a small closet with shelves and so I've turned it into a utility closet to hold all my cleaning supplies, vacuums, mops, folding chairs, serving pieces, dusting supplies, etc. It does a lot. The bags were falling down how I had them, the rags were falling down, and I just wasn't feeling that the closet was really good use of it's space.

So, my hubby took the garage organizer and we used it on the back of the door. You can hang it vertically or horizontally - like the photo at the top shows. You can use it in your basement or garage or on the back of a door, like I did!

One thing I had on the back of the door was an over-the-door hook. It seemed nice, but we really don't need it or use it much. The bags on there we didn't even need - so I donated most of them and the other one went in with my purses in my closet.

When the organizer was done, I filled it up quickly. The top of it I put of all hubby's car cleaning stuff {he likes to wipe down his car interior often} and rags and a couple other misc. cleaners. I made one basket full of my cleaning rags so we could grab and go when necessary. Another basket for all the paper bags I keep that kept falling off the shelf - now they don't fall out and the kids can grab them more easily.

I, then, straightened up the rest of the closet and moved things around. I took the bags and put them in one of the deep baskets and the cleaning rags in the other deep basket.

While I was in there, I re-labeled everything and got things nicely organized once again. I had so much room left, I was able to have one shelf half-EMPTY and used another for some serving pieces that I was able to move in there.

So, NOW, you have a chance to win this VERY garage organizer worth $42.99...which, as you can see, you can use just about anywhere you want! 

This giveaway ends March 13th at 9 PM {PST time}!! Don't miss it!! I will announce the winner on Thursday, March 15th at 10 AM {PST time}...

In order to enter, you must be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States of America. The winner will be picked by I will delete duplicate entries.

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