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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Organized Reader: Abbie from 5 Days, 5 Ways

Meet my first Organized Reader, Abbie from 5 Days 5 Ways!

You will not believe this beautiful space she has. She's going to share it with you today...

Hi there, folks!It’s such a treat to be here with you sweet readers today, and I’m so grateful to Becky for having me by for a visit!
My name is Abbie from Five days…5 ways and Secondhand or Bare Bottom. That’s right. I run not one but two blogs. Because being a wife, a mama to three children under 6, homeschooling, teaching fitness classes, trying to keep my house reasonably clean, and knocking out a few DIY projects now and then doesn’t keep me busy enough.
Yeah. Right. ; )
Here’s a quick peak at some of the things that I’ve been up to at Five days…5 ways, my primary blog where I write about a different theme for each day of the week (Move-it Monday—fitness, Try-it Tuesday—tutorials, Wardrobe Wednesday—fashion, 5 Things Thursday—a linky party where you can join me in posting a list with pics of 5 items that go with our theme for the week, and Feature Friday— what/whomever I want to feature that day):

Today, I’m sharing a taste of my master closet, which I completely overhauled so that instead of looking like this:
Lord a’mercy!…it now looks like this:
…and from this:
IMG_2912…to this:IMG_4779-1
We built 98% of our house ourselves, and my amazing husband custom-made the shoe-shelves, cubbies, and even the laundry chute…I ♥ him! Still, nothing was being utilized or organized to its fullest potential.
But it was nothing a little bucket-load of DIY elbow grease couldn’t remedy.
Okay, so paint, glue, and sweat is more like it, but either way, I am beyond happy with the results, and it makes going in there to find outfits to wear for my 100% thrifted style blog, Secondhand or Bare Bottom, a fun excursion rather than a chore.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite details, including the closet rods I decoupaged with some “Mr. and Mrs.” gift-wrap I found at Walmart (let’s be honest—there never was a Mr. who got his fair share of a closet, but I did leave him one rod!), a garage sale chandelier I revitalized with some stained glass shades, a few Goodwill treasures, and several other thrifty finds I rounded up to achieve a knock-out effect without getting knocked out by the bill (the entire closet reno ran us less than $150):

2011-07-27Oh, aqua and fuchsia, how I love thee!Want to see the entire transformation? Here you go!I hope you’ll take the time to stop by for a visit at either/both of my blogs! I love meeting new people!And a big thanks again, Becky, for letting me share my little corner of the blogosphere with your awesome readers today!

Abbie has an amazing blog and such a great eye for all kinds of neat projects. I personally love this one because:

  • She used lots of color
  • She was resourceful and kept things cheap!
  • She made it organized, but really pretty
  • She created a cozy place that she gets to enjoy each day

Do you have a really organized, beautiful space that you'd like to share with others? I will be featuring Organized Readers each month and I would LOVE to see what space you have. I'm looking for readers with an organized space and big, beautiful pictures to showcase it. If you think you have that, please send me your blog link or pictures of what you have to beckybarnfather {at} gmail {dot} com and tell me all about it!

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