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Friday, November 5, 2010

Problem area solved!

 So, we have this problem area.  I bet you have one too, right? It's our entry, drop all your stuff, music room desk!

See, it's a mess.  I had gotten this cute desk years ago at a garage sale for $40.  It was great and I gave my husband the top, right drawer to throw all his junk into when he got home from work or wherever.  That worked for a few months.  Then, he took over "my" drawer which was the one underneath.  Anyway, after many years it just still isn't working like I had hoped!  So, I decided that it was time to try something new! 

On the left is our shelf with hooks and bench with kids baskets!

I bought this dresser on Craig's List for $65.  It is so beautiful - fits in well with our 1940's home.  I wanted something old, but that I could re-do.  So, I got to work on this beautiful dresser!

I had one problem...I had no idea what color to paint it or what to do with it!  A friend too a look at the pictures of the room I sent her and then she and I went back and forth and came up with painting it black, but then she suggested {since it IS a music room} to decoupage old music to the top of the dresser.  Brilliant!  Why didn't I think of that?

So, I took it apart, stripped the varnish and began priming it!  I took off the hardware - really pretty hardware!  I spray painted the hardware metallic silver and painted the whole dresser black!  Then, I laid out the old piano music on top and used the Mod Podge on it.  No, I'm not really very good at it and probably it would have looked nicer had I had fancier tools to push the paper down over and over....but, it turned out pretty good!  See...

I love it...but, my husband is super happy!  Here is how I organized the inside of it! 

The view from the back door entry...

Added glass top and phone charging area...

See how I mapped out where to put everything!

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  1. Becky,

    The dresser turned out so nice! Way to go. The music really makes it special for that room and I like the black in that area. You did a great job and I'm glad your sweetie is happy with it.

  2. looks great! love the sheet music on top- makes it unique and special!

  3. This turned out a great project! Music sheets on top - genius! I'm a follower now and I hope you choose to do the same so we can have more mutual blog visits :) Btw, I came from Roeshel's DIY showoff.

  4. Totally fantastic! I love love love the black, and how wonderful that you personalized it to fit you, your life, and what inspires you with the sheet music! Congrats on a great revamp!!!


  5. What a great makeover! Love the sheet music on top!

  6. this does have a similar feel to it as my dresser. I like the black, I almost used black for my dresser, I think it a greay color choice!

  7. the dresser is great- very miss mustard seed.

  8. Wow! That looks great! I love the sheet music on top and the black looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  9. This dresser looks great and what a great find for the price! I love the idea of the sheet music on the top and I'm sure the drawers provide all kinds of room for organization.

  10. What a guy buy on the dresser! The redo looks amazing and I love the sheet music for the top.. makes it sooo interesting!

  11. Looking around from "A Bowl Full of Lemons" challenge - love the sheet music idea on top of the dresser. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Sheet music is so cute on the top. I love it.

  13. how chic & organized! great craigslist redo!


  14. What a beautiful job you did! I like all the drawers. My landing strip is an antique wash basin. It only has three small drawers. Unfortunately, when I get home I'm usually so distracted with thoughts of preparing dinner, taking care of the animals, working on the laundry, etc. that I just use it as a dumping ground instead of putting things away. Ideally, about the only thing that should be sitting on top is my purse. Need to change my habits!


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