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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clutter, clutter, clutter's a very scary word!  It's one of those words that we all know what it is, even kids know!  We all have it in our houses, too!  Everyone has at least one area, AT LEAST - where clutter lurks.  It's not that clutter is so bad, it's just annoying. Well, for most of us it's annoying.

How to deal with clutter |

I'm guessing that you have clutter - we all do.  So, what do you with it and how do you banish it forever?  Here's a few small steps to start with.Clutter |

1.  Get rid of it.  This means, if you don't use it (or haven't for the last year), get rid of it.  One of the best ways is through donation - i.e., charity or free cycler groups.  If it's trash or broken or just no good or no longer in style or just OLD (like an avocado painted oven) - throw it out!  Well, maybe you could spray paint the oven a new color!

Organizing Closets |
2.  One in, one out.  Yep, that means if you buy something (like a new shirt), you need to give away the same item.  I have yet to get my husband to keep up with this, but I'm working on him. If you have a tiny closet, I'm sorry -  but it can only fit so much no matter how organized you are, you can't change the size of it!

Don't need, don't buy|
3.  If you don't need it, don't buy it or take it!  Even if it's cheap and you really don't need it (or free from a friend)...walk away! Many times I find myself drawn to buying something because it's a really good deal or it's on sale, or maybe "so and so" could use it.  Don't do it.  This is all about self control and just walking away from a good deal - even if it's FREE!  If you don't have the room or the need, say "no thanks" and let it go.  Chance are, you have a lot of that clutter from good deals and freebies laying around your house useless.

Organizing your house |
4.  "Someday I might need this."  This is just like the last one.  If you don't need it now, don't do it.  When the time comes and you need it, let people know you need it, ask for it on your freecycler group.  Chances are, you'll get it when you really need it - IF  you really do wind up needing it later on.

Cleaning Clutter |

I'll have more for you on clutter soon. Trust me, it's a topic that can evolve into so much more.  If you "hoard" stuff because you think that you need it or that you can't let someone else have it, you know that is an area of sin that you'll need to deal with.  Our "stuff" (umm, clutter) isn't going with us when we die!  Keep that in mind whenever you look around and think you really need to keep it all.  

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  1. Thanks Becky,

    Your posts are things that I "know" but need reminded of so that I will keep at it! We are daily working on getting rid of stuff we've allowed to build up!

  2. This is just what I needed to hear to get myself in gear and put a stop to what could easily become a hoarding problem for me!


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