Friday, June 26, 2015

11 Ways to Organize with Towel Rods

If you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE getting creative and finding cheap ways to organize! So, today I've found 11 ways to organized with something probably everyone has in their house - towel rods! Check these amazingly inexpensive and simple ways you can use them to organize - be sure to pin this so you don't forget too!

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- in an RV ::
Source: FiveFS

1. This is a great idea! Use a towel rod in an RV {or even your bathroom} to hold products so they don't fall when traveling.

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- in a laundry room for holding hangers ::
Source: A Diamond in the Stuff

2. Use a towel rod in your laundry area, upside down, to hold hangers for hanging your laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- back of door to hold craft paint ::
Source: 100 Directions

3. If you've got lots of craft paint, this is a brilliant way to organized all of it. Use an Ikea towel rail on the back of the door and some scrap wood {click picture to see instructions} to organize all the craft paint neatly. 

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- organize mugs on the wall ::
Source: A Farm House Reborn

4. This is not only brilliant but stylish too! Use towel rods and hooks to hang mugs on the wall for an organized coffee station!

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- for organizing scarfs::
Source: Womans Day

5. If you've got a lot of scarves, hang a towel rod on the back of the door and knot each scarf. Simple and organized!

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- organize trash bags::
Source: Simply Organized

6. Use a towel rod or a dowel that can be pulled out easily to organize a roll of trash bags!

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- magnetic to hold washcloths on the dishwasher::
Source: Organizing Made Fun

7. Why not use a magnetic towel/curtain rod on your dishwasher to organize wash cloths? Easy place to grab one when you need it.

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- holding spray bottles on back of the door::
Source: Home Road

8. Use an over the door towel rod to hang your spray bottle cleaners. 

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- hold a cutting boards::
Source: Ikea Hackers, Jules

9.  This Ikea hack is great too - turn the towel rails upside down to store a cutting board right above your counters!

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- organize pan lids::
Source: Martha Stewart

10. Organize your lids on the back of the cabinet door with this towel rod.

11 Ways to Organized with Towel Rods -- organize scrapbook supplies and punches::

11. Look at the back of THIS door! Full of great ideas - use the towel rods to hold paper punches or scrapbook supplies! 

As you can see, I'm just getting started! Those Ikea towel rods are just $2.99 each, so super cheap! I'm definitely inspired to find somewhere to use a towel rod for more than just hanging up a towel, how about you?

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  1. I love those IKEA BYGEL rails! I use them for everything. I'm going to have to pick up a couple more for that ingenious cutting board holder!

  2. I've just moved into an apartment and your solutions for small spaces has helped me tremendously!!! Who knew you could teach an "senior" dog new tricks!!!! Keep up the great work!


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