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Creative Ways to Organize Rainbow Loom Bands

If you have kids, just about any age, you likely know what Rainbow Loom Bands are, right? My daughter has had the BEST time creating all kinds of rainbow loom bands for her family and friends - even making ones for her brother in his favorite college football team's colors! 

Creative Ways to Organize Rainbow Loom Bands ::

But, the rubber bands and the pieces can get all over the place and make a mess. I'm not big on mess or clutter, so we set out to get all hers organized. Along with getting my daughter's organized, I thought I'd give you some other creative ways to organize the bands and kits. 

Rainbow Loom Organizing for Kids ::

Here, you can see how cute this organizer is. I picked it up at the craft store, but made it a little more personal with her name on the top. She's able to fill it with her different color bands and all her tools and extra goodies. She loves it.

Personalized Loom Band Organizer ::

It has made keeping track of all the bands easier too - because they can get messy!

Tackle Box Organizing for Rainbow Loom ::

Another great idea I found is to use a tackle box like this one above from It's Just my Life. This one can hold even more, but is a little bit bigger if you need that size for the loom bands and tools.
Organizing Rainbow Loom Bands ::
First Home Love Life

If you can't find a good tackle box or organizer at the craft store, here is the next best thing. First Home Love Life used two different organizing containers to contain the loom bands. You can see more HERE

Use baby food jars for organizing rainbow loom bands ::
Nest Full of Eggs

I love this creative and CHEAP idea -- using baby food jars, some push pins, and a wine bottle cork. Go HERE to see more details. 

Jewelry Organizer for organizing Rainbow Loom Bands ::

If you have a jewelry organizer, you could do like this one above, also. So, have your kids jumped on the Rainbow Loom band wagon? Have you got them all over the place? Have you found a good way to organize them?

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