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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Organized Resolutions: staying motivated to organize

It's January and you've been busy all month getting everything in your house so organized, you could just gush! Right? Then, February comes along and you start to slip up and let things go. Spring comes along and you focused more on "spring cleaning" and don't put things back where they go. By summer you've pretty much realized that the house isn't going to stay up to par with all your kids home from school. By Fall, the house is a complete mess again. Then, you start the year over again with the same motivation to stay organized.

NY Resolution Medium 

I'm not sure if this sums up your organizing or not, but staying motivated and inspired is very important, and for some of you, having someone hold you accountable. For others, teaching your family to be organized so you can keep your sanity.

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I can't MAKE you or your family organize and keep the clutter away. But, I CAN motivate you and inspire you. I can give you ideas with spaces you just can't figure out how to organize. I've been blogging almost 3 years and I have a LOT of resources on this blog for you!

So, when I recently asked my Facebook page readers what they wanted me to talk about this year, I was shocked that about 75% of the ideas they gave me I had already done! Aaack! Well, that's not good!

So, I want to show you HOW to find all these fantastic posts about all kinds of organizing. 

First of all, if you haven't been over to my blog recently, I have a brand new blog header and look! It's purdy and I love it - clean, organized with a little spunk in it!

Next, see tabs underneath my blog title? Those are there to help you out. You can click on any of those and there are organizing ideas galore, along with a house tour, projects, professional organizer directory, and more!

Then, on the right side bar there is a box with my picture on it, welcoming you to my site. This box has tabs at the top, also. One for subscribing {via email}, another for all my social media {connecting with me}, a third to search the blog {for any kind of words in my site}, and the last is for my weekly schedule {so you know I have a method to my madness}.

If you are looking for a specific post on any topic, use the "Search the blog" tab and type in your words. Once you hit enter or search, it will pull up all the posts I've done on that topic. Clever, eh?

Maybe that isn't how you want to search for organizing things. Well, that's OK -- I also have a huge gallery full of EVERY organizing project I've ever done! Click on the tab at the top {under my blog title} that says "Organizing Ideas" and I have all the pictures and projects laid out by rooms, seasons, kids, etc. You just click on the picture and it will take you directly to the post. I have hundreds - I've been blogging a bit so I have a big resource now.

Still need some motivation, inspiration, and a good kick in the pants? Well, stay motivated by following my pinterest boards - one, or all of them.

I've got a LOT of them on organizing specific areas in your home and life. The last thing you can do? 

Subscribe via email, Google Friend Connect, Facebook, or wherever else you see I have connections below. I will do my best to keep your motivated to organize your life and home! 

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