Giveaways and Reviews

Product Acknowledgement and Giveaways
{effective April 2016}

I have several options for most any budget:

I will do a giveaway on Instagram only for $250.  This giveaway will only be to follow YOU on Instagram as a way to “enter” and you will need to provide a photo of your product. I will send you the winner’s name and you will be responsible to ship directly to them. It is optional if you want to send me the product. I have over 27,000 followers on Instagram.

If you would like to do ONLY a giveaway via my {soon to be} weekly newsletter, with no product review, I will charge $400 and you must supply all information, photos for the email, and must ship the product directly to the random winner that is chosen. No other social media is included.  A blog post is all that is included. It will be emailed to my more than 14,000 email subscribers and 11,000+ feed subscribers.

Or, I will do a Facebook tag and giveaway for $150, with three posts in one week on Facebook. For more information, contact me directly to work out details. I have over 97,000 Facebook followers. 

I no longer do product review posts on my blog. These are great options and very affordable for most businesses. 

To see my work with sponsors, go HERE for a sample. 

All payments must be paid UP FRONT and agreed upon by both parties. Thank you. 

If you'd like more detailed information and contract, email me to inquire.

Becky Barnfather
Organizing Made Fun