Friday, June 12, 2015

Short on Storage Space?

Are you short on storage space? This can make it difficult to stay organized and clutter-free.

If your short on storage space, try these to make it work ::

You don’t necessarily need to move to a larger home or add more square footage.

Here are some options that will help you use your current space better.

First, focus on editing your things until they fit your space. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

What?! You already edited your things last year? The truth is, we need to edit on a monthly or weekly basis, especially if we are outgrowing our space.

If you honestly have been ruthless and pared down your belongings yet still feel tight on storage space, there are storage options that will give you a bit more breathing room.
Let’s get creative and think outside of the box for storage options.

Have you maximized your wall space? 

Install shelving, use bookcases, hang items from hooks or pegboards or even attach more cabinets to walls.

How about using the back of your doors for storage? 

Install hooks on the backs of doors and over-the-door hanging bars. Use over-the-door shoe pockets. The pockets are good for more than shoes.

Don’t forget to look under your bed for storage opportunities. 

This area could be used for boxes of off-season clothing, shoes, extra linens and kid’s toys.

When shopping for furniture, choose furniture with built-in storage. 

For example, end tables, TV stands and coffee tables are often available with drawers or shelves.

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