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11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins

One of my favorite things to do here on the blog is find unusual items to organize with. So, if you thought I'd lost it, maybe I have! But, I have found 11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins. Guess what? Clothespins are super cheap. But, there are so many things you can do with them!

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins ::

1. Chalkboard Label Clothespins.

I'm going to start off with my own little organizing with clothespins. My kitchen pantry has these neat chalkboard labels I bought HERE that are backed with clothespins. 

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Chalkboard Label Clothespins ::

I love that I can move them around and change them quickly. I can also re-label them quickly. You can see more of my pantry HERE

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Birthday Wall Organizer ::

2.  Birthday Wall Organizer.

I found this cute idea to organize birthdays. It's using clothespins to put it on the "calendar" wall and also a great way to remember when you write the name and date of the person's birthdate.

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Christmas Card Holder::
SAS Interios

3. Christmas Card Holder.

SAS Interiors made this great Christmas card holder from clothespins. I love how it organizes all the Christmas cards near the tree, too! 

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Alphabet Card Holder/Organizer::

4. Alphabet Card Holder/Organizer.

I found this sweet kids' room with the alphabet letters on the walls with string and clothespins. How cute!

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Christmas Countdown Organizer::
517 Creations

5. Christmas Countdown Organizer.

What a great idea to countdown to Christmas by using the clothespins to hold special things for the season. 517 Creations made this and you can go see how HERE

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Framed Picture Organizer::

6. Framed Picture Organizer

This I found via Pinterest and could not find the original source anywhere, but it's such a great idea. Simple to make and can organize your family pictures or other small things on display. 

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Clothespin Chore Chart Organizer::

7.  Clothespin Chore Chart Organizer.

This Pinterest use uploaded their clothespin idea to make a kids chore chart and organized it so that she could keep track of their chores easily with clothespins

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Yarn Organizing with Clothespins::

8. Yarn Organizing with Clothespins.

If you haven't seen this idea before, you need to! If you've got string or yarn to organize, what a great idea!

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Cubby Labels::

9. Cubby Labels.

Label the cubby boxes you get with clothespins and a card. Super simple and easy!

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Accessories Organizer::

10. Accessories Organizer.

Goodness this is so creative! Take a board and glue clothespins to it and hang jewelry, belts, and more accessories on it!

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins - Command Center Menu Organizer::
The Real Thing with the Coake Family

11. Command Center Menu Organizer.

The very last way I found to organize with clothespins is this clever menu organizer next to the family calendar. For more details, go HERE and see how she made it. 

11 Ways to Organize with Clothespins ::

Have you got a few more ideas? Leave them here!

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