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Friday, January 14, 2011

It's that time closet system!

Yes...every year The Container Store has a sale on all its Elfa Closet systems - 30% off until February!  So, I save up and each year for the last four years I have bought a closet system:




And now it was my son's turn...when I get the closet system, they design it for free.  I then get the sketch and think about it for a couple of months before the sale.  So, I had them design it in October.  Here's the sketch:

Each room no longer has a dresser because it gets incorporated into the closet design.  This frees up valuable floor space in each room.  It gives the kids more floor space in their rooms to play and pull out toys {and of course, they ALWAYS clean them up...with some reminding from Mom}.  We painted three walls of his room a soft gray to matching his bedding and desk that I painted last month {we kept the one red wall, though}.  He got a little update to his room {now that he's almost 12}.

So, here is my son's dresser he had {which I will be making into something else for outside, if you can believe it}.  

Here is how his closet looked...not bad but it was time to get it designed into something fun!  Hubby and I decided that we would take off his closet doors completely.  The ones on there were original to the house and just get in the way of him getting in there.  He has also proved to be responsible enough to keep it pretty clean and organized {it's really shocking}.  

Bye, bye closet doors...

So, we took everything out of the closet and stripped it down to nothing. My niece came to visit me over Christmas and helped me paint the inside of the closet.  I ALWAYS recommend painting your closet when redoing anything like this.  It is never going to happen again! So, take the extra time.  We painted it a light gray color that we also repainted three walls in his room.  I thought it would make it flow and not seem so much like a closet.

Empty and ready for the good stuff! hangs so easily on ONE bar across the top - the other bars coming down aren't even screwed to the wall at all and just slide in.  They are amazing closet systems and I highly recommend you consider them if you ever purchase a closet organizer.  They can be changed and moved around as they grow.  I have already done it once with my daughter's closet system.  

Before all the stuff came in!  It's beautiful!!

 He loves it!  Here he is right after we loaded it up.  I plan to tweak it a little bit, too.  I had a display shelf put in for him because he loves to play with his legos {and maybe future trophies or other important things} and this makes a great work area for him and he loves having his things out like that.  He's a boy and has VERY little to hang up...most of his clothes are folded in the drawers behind him.  His "church" clothes and a jacket are all that hang up.  But, I got a second rod in case he has more slacks some day....

I'll give you more close-ups and a few tweaks we've done since this picture....yes, we were painting the closet on Christmas Day!  It seems to be a tradition around here that I wind up doing that sometime in the afternoon/evening the last few years!

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