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Friday, August 2, 2013

The BIG garage reveal and a BIG giveaway from Flow Wall Systems

Today is the day you are going to see what an amazing garage we now have! A few weeks ago, I showed you where we started from - a mess and needing something to get our garage organized. Then, two weeks ago I showed you our "midway" progress. It wasn't much to show, but it was something. Today is the big reveal and a BIG giveaway from Flow Wall Systems

Here is the sad! And -- drum roll please -- HERE is the after:

Ta-da!!! Is your jaw on the floor? Are you in awe that I could get everything in there like this?

Here is a wonderful before, midway, and after look. Can you believe the difference?

What did I do? Well, first of all, I gave away a bunch of stuff. That basketball game - GONE! The basketball holder - GONE. The plastic shelving - GONE! The trash can for more balls - GONE! The containers - GONE! Gave ALL of that away. Why? Because I didn't need them anymore! I also got rid of many balls that were broken and items that we were done with. The kids helped me go through everything. We kept only the necessary and moved the things that needed to the right spots.

The bins are great. The kids have easily stashed their things in them - along with all the other kids we have over. We've had lots of kids over and they easily put everything back where it belongs. {I LOVE that!}.

I set up two different zones with the Flow Wall System. I have a "sports zone" and a "work zone". There are hard bins and soft bins. I love both! The kids have a place for everything and it's open so no lids to open and close - always a plus! There's a place for the ping pong equipment, the balls, the helmets. Love it!

The other area is a work zone. Formerly, there was a large shelf here that we took apart and reconfigured to a different area of the garage. 

These nylon strap hooks are great for holding all my husband's gazillion extension cords. One of my favorite features of the Flow Wall Systems is that you can change your mind. If we get something new, give something away, or just change our mind, we can easily move the hook to a new spot and organize it wonderfully.

Remember my mood board? I think it turned out pretty close to what I had in my head, don't you?

Here's where this gets very exciting because YOU get a chance to win this VERY same system! {Email subscribers, click over to enter}. You will be entering for a chance to win the Hook and Panel Starter SetThis set includes 24 sq. ft. of panel along with 14 all-purpose storage hooks creating a great, all-purpose storage solution. The included hooks are ten X-hooks and four 8” long hooks. Good luck!!

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Disclosure: Flow Wall Systems compensated me to try out their fabulous wall system! 

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